Grupo Unisol Tecnoalu S.L. Company founder Josef Müller
Company founder Josef Müller

The company atm-Müller was founded in 1959 by Josef Müller. Success in the service of the customer began with two large production enterprises for awnings, blinds and vertical systems.

During many years products were designed, built and often applied for a patent concerning the house. Many of these products are processed today under license by other companies.

For 40 years the company atm-Mueller has been active on the Canarian Islands as well. Based in Santa Ursula on the island of Tenerife aluminum products are produced here for the Canarian Islands. This takes place under control of the founder of the company and his family based on the claims of quality of the German origin company.

The folding elements with the Slide Shading technology are also built here. These folding elements are used in many winter gardens and glazings.

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Grupo Unisol Tecnoalu S.L.

Grupo Unisol Tecnoalu S.L.

Grupo Unisol Tecnoalu S.L.


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